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Entryways are the perfect place to establish a welcoming vibe to your home. Whether it’s a large double door foyer or a modest space past the front door, this area is the first you see when you approach and enter the house. A good entryway design keeps you securely organized on your way in and out and makes an excellent first and last impression with family and friends. First impressions count! Call now for details. 631-278-5096

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Our Design Portfolio will inspire you to pursue the look you have always wanted

Discover the joy of restoring your front door! Yes, you read that right. We are confident that we can provide restoration alternatives that will save you both time and money. Say goodbye to the costs of new products and long wait times. Most entries have near perfect interior sides due to being in a controlled environment. We will fix damages caused by time and weather using factory processes that sometimes exceed the original specifications.

At Fantasy Finishes, our full-service entryway repair and restorations service  fiberglass,  steel/ iron and wood products.  With two decades of experience serving homeowners and contractors, we will assist you in making functional updates and guide you in choosing the perfect finish and color to enhance the appeal of your entryway. Best of all, you'll spend less than what replacement would be.

Cabinet Repairs 
Upgrade your kitchen cabinets with our repair and renovation service.  If your cabinets are still functioning well and you're happy with their layout, there's no need for a complete replacement. Change up the removable parts and give cabinets a fresh coat for years of continued serviice.

Our attention to detail and commitment to craftsmanship means that you can expect high-quality results. We use advanced coatings that are designed for optimal adhesion and durability, guaranteeing a professional finish. You'll have a wide range of finishes to choose from, just like those you'd find in a kitchen and bath showroom. Choose one, you can have it.  

Decorative Finishes
Transform your home's interior with the help of Fantasy Finishes. Decorative interior painting is a great choice for upscale homes. Experience the transformative power of paint as we explore different colors and embrace the latest design trends. Your project's logistics are taken care of, ensuring a job well done. With twenty years of experience in painting residential interiors, Fantasy Finishes is the name you can trust.