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Decorative painting and signature finishes

Fantasy Finishes Long Island NY
Fantasy Finishes Long Island NY

Samples and options

We provide samples of options chosen after consultations. Interior designers and homeowners benefit from our ability to change tone and hue.  From concrete to snake skin, leather to marble, with shimmer or without, the ability to advance dimensions unatainable with standard paint or coatings products is now easier than ever.  

High end custom "faux bois" finishes formulated to match existing cabinets allow cabinet builders, designers and architects to expand product substrates where otherwise they would be prohibited. As in set design, artistic renditions copy natural patterns in wood enabling expansions in design options.  

Fantasy Finishes Long Island NY
Fantasy Finishes Long Island NY

Sensational surfaces

Fantasy Finishes provides outstanding decorative finishing work. Each project is unique, no two rooms will be exactly the same. Based upon textiles, backgrounds are created. With twenty-five years of knowledge and experience, we maintain the highest quality standards. Fantasy Finishes offers exclusive wall finishes that are indeed works of art.

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Fantasy Finishes Long Island NY

Decorative finish techniques

Trending now  is a selection of exciting imported and domestic trowel on products designed to reflect or absorb lighting. Movement on the surface is created when a light is bounced towards a viewer and changes when percieved from a different angle.
Gilding, patinas, aging, and distressing on moldings, furniture or cabinetry all fall under the vast umbrella of a decorative finisher’s repertoire.

Fantasy Finishes creates custom finishes to enhance your environment. From traditional, contemporary, elegant or eccentric, we'll create a gorgeous finish for you.

Fantasy Finishes Long Island NY

What our clients say

“Fantasy Finishes came into my house and prepped the area to be done so there was no chance of paint being where it shouldn't. Tremendous attention to detail. Spent most of the first day sanding and getting the surface ready for application. Came back following day to finish and check for any imperfections. Stayed with the job until it was perfect. I would definitely use their services in the future.”

“Kevin and Mila are great people who are very professional. They are trust worthy , reliable and honest. They stand behind their work and are perfectionist. The quality of work is excellent. They did my front door and it looks better now then when we first bought the door. I highly recommend them, my husband who is also a perfectionist couldn't get over the great job they did.”

“Absolute professionals. Kevin and Mila did an amazing job on my front door. We had our door painted years ago and the wrong products were used. Fantasy Finishes sanded the door down and completely transformed it. It looks brand new. We are so happy with the job they did, especially their professionalism. We will be using them again for other projects.”